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Panda Craze
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Tuesday, May 24th, 2005
9:19 am

More coming soon!
9:14 am
PCO Level 5
-You start out needing to dig through two layers, so dig two holes next to each other, drop down and dig one.
-Depending on where you drop, you will need to move right a certain way until can climb to the top of the structure that looks like an A.
-Stand on the ladder and rightdig through two layers of mud, dash in, grab the lantern, and dash out.
-Now drop down to the lower ladder. Climb it and rightdig one layer of mud. Run in, grab the lanterns and run out.
-Now go climb the other ladder on the left. You will need to leftdig three times and then run to the lantern.
-Keep going left and climb the next ladder. Right dig three times, take the lantern and dash out.
-Now proceed to the lantern/ladder cluster all the way on the left. Grab the lanterns and then climb to the door.
9:10 am
PCO Level 4 + Digging techniques
-Dig your way through the mud and drop down onto the lantern.
-Run right and climb up the ladder. Now dig your way through the double-decker mud by standing on the ladder and digging to your left. This is a valuable technique in Panda Craze Land.
-Grab the lantern and climb the ladder on the left up to the vines. Cross them and run right. When you reach the mud, you will have to dig through it. Remember, in general, you will be able to dig one less hole each time you drop a level. So if the dirt is two layers thick, you will need to dig two holes, then one. If it's three layers thick, you'll need three holes, then two, then one. This rule is broken when there are ladders nearby, or the game has pre-dug holes for you. In this case, stand on the leftmost dirt block and dig right. Then stand on the rock and dig right. Drop down a layer and, standing on the rock, dig right again.
-Drop down and run left, grabbing lanterns and using the ladders to get you over the rocks.
-Now climb that first ladder again and repeat the entire process until you can get to the door.
9:06 am
PCO Level 3
-Go left and use the moving platform to get onto the dirt.
-Climb both sets of ladders until you reach the stone platform where you can grab a lantern before taking another ladder further up for another lantern.
-Cross the vines and get the two lanterns up there, then go back halfway across the same vines and drop down onto the lantern.
-Run right to the pair of lanterns.
-Climb the ladder all the way down to the beginning again and use the same platform to bring you back to the mud.
-This time, only climb one ladder. Carefully hop onto the horizontal moving platform and use it to jump to the stone platform. Grab the lantern and climb to the door.
9:03 am
PCO Level 2
-Run up the tree and grab all the latterns.
-Drop back down to the lowest level. Run along it and use the vines to get to the little outcropping on the right.
-Climb up the ladder there and then drop off it to the right to collect lanterns. Climb the ladder again and drop to the left to collect more.
-Now go back to the main "tree" and climb to the second lowest level.
-Again, use the vine to get to the other ladder which you'll climb and drop off of again.
-Go back to the main tree and climb to the top.
9:02 am
PCO (Panda Craze Online) Level 1
Ok...well. If you can't get this...

-Run to your left, picking up the two lanterns.
-Climb the ladder.
-Run right, picking up two more lanterns. Don't worry, Tik-Ling will climb vines automatically.
-Drop off the left edge of the second dirt platform to grab the last lantern.
-Run left to the door.
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